The traditional hamam culture in Ottomans helped to create a social atmosphere whilst bathing, massages and chatting. Enjoying the company of friends, making business contacts and finding potential brides were just as important as hygenic considerations in visiting a hamam.

The hamam we suggest to our guests is the only public hamam in Goreme while it is also one of the most luxurious relaxation places in Cappadocia. The staff are all pofessionals with years of experience behind them to ensure the guests receive the best possible service and quality.

 turkish hamam in cappadocia


The prices at the hamam start from $30 for a basic service including separate changing cubicles, pool for the ladies, jakuzi for men, relaxation area with self-service apple tea, face mask, sauna, full body peeling and soap massage, shower, safe box, towel, sandals, soap and shampoo.

The hamam is open from 10:00 to 24:00 to get the true feeling of a Turkish bath.

The transportation to the hamam, medical massage, sport massage, antistres, lenf tranaj and selulite massages, Thai massage, Shatsu massage, classic massage, Sweedish relax, reflexsology, hot stone massage are exclusive and can be booked extra. 


No payment is required at this time. Once we get your request we will send you the preliminary confirmation. If all appoved by you, we will then e-mail you a secure PayPal payment link